Russell Walker is the author of Winning with Risk Management (World Scientific Publishing, 2013) and had authored many business cases on the topic of risk management.

At the Kellogg School of Management, Russell is Clinical Associate Professor in Managerial Economics and Decision Sciences. Russell is the founder and academic director of Kellogg's executive education programs in risk management. These programs include the Complete Course in Risk Management, a week-long program that provides executives a perspective on risk, from measurement to board of director governance, Enterprise Risk Management, a program that looks at the regulatory impacts to the financial services industry, and Operational Risk Master Class: Measurement, Management, and Leadership - an in depth examination of operational risk.

Russell also teaches risk management through multiple classes in the MBA program at Kellogg. These include course on Enterprise Risk Management, Operational Risk, and the Risk Lab. In the Risk Lab, companies work with Russell and Kellogg MBA students on projects related to risk. Participating firms in the Risk Lab have included: Microsoft, Western Union, Edelman, Levis Strauss, Menus of Change, CF Industries, and the CME Group.

Russell had led risk management seminars for many organizations and co-chaired the Kellogg 360 Chief Audit Executive and Kellogg 360 Chief Financial Officer program on risk management.

His recent industry research on risk includes:

Performance of Covenant-Lite Loans

The Role of Credit Rating Agencies at Information Brokers

The Kellogg-FICO Credit Surveys

Operational Risk in the Insurance Industry

Supply and Price Risks in Agricultural Supply Chains

Operational Risk in Food Supply

Russell Walker