Dr. Russell Walker speaks to groups around the world. His seminars and programs are customized for the company's needs. Talks can be short to compliment company materials or range up to many days, where topics can be explored through cases and in great depth.

His programs are interactive and designed to provide program participants a perspective built from real-world cases. Some the most popular topics include:

Risk Management

  • Winning with Risk Management
  • Operational Risk to the Enterprise
  • Enterprise Risk Management
  • Lessons from the Great Recession

Big Data & Analytics

  • Strategic Data-Driven Marketing
  • Learning from Your Customer Data
  • How to Get Started with Big Data & Analytics
  • Leveraging Big Data and Analytics for Success
  • Strategies for Monetizing Big Data
  • Data Science for the Executive

Enterprise Topics

  • Managing Reputational and Regulatory Risks
  • Data Breaches, Privacy, and Cybersecurity Concerns
  • Corporate Governance of Data - Rise of the Chief Data Officer
  • Success with Millennials, Boomers, and Gen X
  • Managing an Intergenerational Workforce

Global Strategies

  • The World in 2050 - Global Changes and Opportunities for Growth
  • The Emerging Middle Class: Who, Where, What will they Do?
  • Changing World Demographics: Preparing for an Aging World
  • Agriculture and the Food Supply for 7B
  • Strategies for Developing International Markets

Russell also works on consulting projects through Walker Bernardo, LLC.

You can contact Russell directly at: russell@walkerbernardo.com about speaking engagements.

Russell Walker